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Note for Chrome users

(19 Oct. 2014) Some of the exercises in the Workout Room (those in which you drag tiles into blanks) are working poorly in some current versions of Google Chrome. I'm studying this problem and hoping to find a solution soon. Meanwhile, if you're having difficulties with Chrome, you should know that all exercises work perfectly in Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

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The Workout Room

The Old English Aerobics Workout Room offers more than fifty interactive exercises to help you learn Old English. If you have never worked one of these exercises, first visit “How to use the Workout Room.” These exercises require an Old English Aerobics login and password. If you don’t have one yet, request it here.


Chapter 2: Pronunciation

Chapter 4: Case

Chapter 5: Pronouns

Chapter 6: Nouns

Chapter 7: Verbs

Chapter 8: Adjectives

Chapter 10: Adverbs, conjunctions and prepositions

Chapter 11: Concord

Chaper 12: Word order

Chaper 13: Metre